We understand that every couple and crowd is different so our international DJs  plays Top 40s, Hip-Hop, Latin, Rock, Country, R&B, Pop, House, EDM, Disco, Oldies, Classical, and so much more. We are open format DJs that can cater to you and your guests needs.


Rocking the crowd is our specialty! Whether on the decks or on the mic, we will make sure to keep your guests engaged and entertained. Making sure that you and your guests are aware of what is going on is key to having fun filled and enjoying event.


Intelligent lighting creates the club or concert style themed event you may have in mind. With these lights we can do a vast amount of spotlighting, pattern lighting, strobe lighting and much more! These lights are great for introductions to highlight the bride and groom as they enter the room. Our lighting technician will perform the perfect light show coordinated with you to be sure every cue is hit! See our many kinds of lighting setups.


Traxion DJs knows how to create a buzz. One of the most requested enhancements all of our clients have been requesting.

100% Odorless & Flameless

Our sparkler units is a new generation cold sparkler machine with non-pyrotechnics spark stage effects and cold firework fountain. This is the first non-pyro special effect fixture in the world. The fixture will produce sparkler effects ranging from 5 to 15 feet in the air for up to 90 seconds at a time.  This is only seen and offered by us at Traxion DJs.

Where do you install the sparkling units?

Our visual director knows how to make an impact and make your vision one of the best moments for everyone to witness.  Maybe down the staircase you want two units? How about during the first dance? Maybe right after you blow out your candles?  There are many ways to create one of the coolest moments of your night with our sparkler units. Watch our product review or call us for more info!


We can provide a high quality sound system complete with wireless microphones for your wedding ceremony.  If you’d like recorded music for your ceremony, we can help you pick the songs and can create a custom playlist for us to play during the ceremony.

For the officiant we have lapel mics, discreet head-worn mics, as well as hand-held mics if they prefer to use one.

If you’re worried about a bunch of ugly speakers and sound equipment at your wedding, rest easy knowing that all of our gear looks really nice and we try to set everything up to be sure the attention is on you, not the equipment.


Monograms are customized logos that can light up any dance floor and add flair of sophistication to your venue and event. The way it works is a projected image can be pictured on the dance floor and or walls to create a lighting effect that brings together the design of your event. This logo creates a personalization for your event that can create a lasting image in you guests heads. We like to call it branding your special day to create a once in a lifetime unique wow factor.


Looking for that special touch that will elevate your event to the next level? Cover your dance floor with a beautiful low laying puffy white cloud for you special dance or performance. Our special effects team can choreography your event to syncronize with lighting to help enhance your night.


Up lighting is great for themed events and any for any venues that need a quick facelift. Our lights are wireless battery operated and work at the click of a remote control. With over 20 million different color schemes and effects, these lights can create the atmosphere you’ve dreamed about. From a solid color, to a flutter, to a strobe light effect your guests wont know what hit them when these lights begin to take over the show. Not only will our powerful up lighting be a great part of your venue, it will help add the right mood once the doors open to your reception hall. See it in action!


The classic photo booth is the perfect party option for any event! A popular party favorite this service comes with an attendant, party props, choice of 2×6 or 4×6 photos, a mixture of color options, and a scrapbook option. After your event, we provide you with a flash drive with all the material that was snapped by your guests! We will provide you with a few themed backdrops for your booth that you can pick between to really add that extra flair you’ve been looking for! Some great features that our booth provides are all the social media platforms and email. Why wait to see the images online when you can now send the file right to your cell phone or social media. Snapchat booth will be coming soon! You’ve heard it first here.


Important for any event motivators create the atmosphere that encourages your friends in interactive dances and games. This is especially great for schools, Mitzvahs, and Sweet 16’s. From providing LED foam sticks to hitting your guests with a blast of Co2, the Traxion DJs Motivators will keep your guests entertained.


The Club Cannon Handheld MKII is a portable, manually operated Co2 Cannon that requires no power. This unit will produce 20-30ft plumes of ice cold fog.

The manual operation makes it suitable for use by DJ’s, night clubs, DJ booths, sporting events, football entrances, half time shows, theatre productions, weddings, special events and more.


The Bubble Machine is a durable machine that is capable of producing enormous quantities of bubbles into the atmosphere. It is built with hi-tech, roto-mold plastic that prevents corrosion. The Bubble Machine is also equipped with high power fans.


The Mini Blaster is a continuous feed confetti distribution device. Ideal when you want to get a lot of confetti into the air with minimum equipment, the unit is capable of shooting confetti up to 50 ft in the air at a rate of 1/2 lb of confetti per second! A manually operated device, it is very versatile and can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. No electrical power is required to run the unit because it is an LCO2 powered device.


Customize your dance floor with a beautiful and unique design. Whether it’s your logo or custom design, this will look great in your photos, videos and will give your venue that special touch that could be missing. Prices will vary depending on dance floor size. Contact us for details about how we can do this for you!


Want to have an eye catching video or presentation? Let us take care of any video intergration from slide shows, custom logo, music video mixing or even hashtag media messages.

Ask us about creating your own custom logo!


Want to make sure your guests’ experience at your event is engaging and enjoyable? We have a bundle package to make sure that happens and your event will be the talk of the town.

Ask us about the Traxion Guest Experience bundle which includes Song Requests, DJ Booth Slideshow, Virtual Photo Booth and Team Trivia.



Don’t let distance ruin your event! Ask us about our Live Stream add on.

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