Want to have a safe and fun environment during your event?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. We’ll provide the entertainment that your guests will enjoy and be able to participate with out missing your event.

Live Streaming

Don’t let distance ruin your day

Will you have guests that won’t be able to make it in person for any reason? Let them attend online with live streaming!

  • Password Protected
  • Accept Monetary Gifts ²
  • View Multiple Camera Angles
  • Games Participation
  • Listen To Speeches & Special Dances ³
  • Photo Booth Integration

² Fees may apply. ³ Music limitations due to licensing.

Live Trivia

Get your guests near or far into the action!

Let your guests play in teams or individuals for a time of trivia! Ask them any questions about yourself, the event, pop culture, history or anything you can think to ask them. They can play via any mobile device as long as they have internet and a web browser. That means your guests that are streaming online will be able to play along as well!

Request Live

Ask for a song in safety

Your guests won’t need to walk up to the DJ booth any more. We will provide your guests a link (barcode scan) so they can request songs directly from their mobile device. Guests viewing online will also have the capabilities to request and dedicate songs to you.

Virtual Photo Booth

Control from the palm of your hands 

Don’t want the traditional photo booth standing in front of a back drop and in front of a monitor screen? Allow your guests to control the photo booth from their personal devices and customize their experience just like a regular photo booth. They will then get a copy of their photo via text message to share. Also allow guests that are not able to attend to use the photo booth and be part of your event while away.