Cold Sparks

Traxion DJs knows how to create a buzz. One of the most requested enhancements all of our clients have been requesting.

100% Odorless & Flameless

Our sparkler units is a new generation cold sparkler machine with non-pyrotechnics spark stage effects and cold firework fountain. This is the first non-pyro special effect fixture in the world. The fixture will produce sparkler effects ranging from 5 to 15 feet in the air for up to 90 seconds at a time.  This is only seen and offered by us at Traxion DJs.

Where do you install the sparkling units?

Our visual director knows how to make an impact and make your vision one of the best moments for everyone to witness.  Maybe down the staircase you want two units? How about during the first dance? Maybe right after you blow out your candles?  There are many ways to create one of the coolest moments of your night with our sparkler units. Watch our product review or call us for more info!